Village-based project

This pilot project in the villages is an ambitious undertaking. It sets out to change social, education and economic structures in a disadvantaged community on a scale not attempted before in Anand and Kheda district. We will provide computer education to several villages. The pilot Learning Net project is designed to enable the pilot cluster to meet academic goals through providing computer education and a computer degree to students. We provide the technology to support a digital age approach to learning. This is basically a computer degree program: JCSM- NCT- Government of India.

Child Development

Child development is the study of the growth and advancement of young people. Youngsters participate in youth programs because they are curious to learn about topics of interest to them. There are four areas of development that form the organizing framework for children; cognitive, emotional, physical and social. VIIE takes conceptual and targeted action in all these four spheres.

mental growth, including thinking, solving problems and studying.

growth in the part of the consciousness that involves feelings, including excitement, happiness, love, anger, fear and grief.

growth of the human body, including muscles, bones, teeth, and areas of health

growth in the ability to interact and relate to others, including friendships and relationships

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to uplift and develop children, women and youth. Each one of us has immense potentials that sometimes just need a guiding hand or a mentor. Each child will stay with us until he or she successfully completes his/her grade. We also provide opportunities for holistic self-development that includes healthy physical activities (sports), basic education (Muslims, Hindus, and Christians), and psychological, social and emotional growth of each child.


The mission of Vahora International Institute of Excellence (VIIE) is to provide educational services and healthcare to all communities of the greater Mahemdabad and its surrounding villages, without discrimination of race, religion, caste or social status. Our goal is to provide services and promote cultural awareness and citizenship to all people.